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Owner Chef Cheryl Smith

Chef Cheryl’s knowledge of cuisine spans the globe from classical French, contemporary pan-Asian, Pacific Rim, Moroccan, right down to home-style American. As a result, she is a culinary celebrity!


Chef Cheryl starred in her own show—Melting Pot—on the Food Network. She’s been featured on Soul Kitchen, My Country/My Kitchen, Emeril’s Holiday Special, Sara Moulton’s Cooking Live, Sweet Dreams with Gayle Gand, Gordon Elliot’s Door-Knock Dinners, In Food Today, Chef du Jour and Ready, Set, Cook!

Chef Cheryl worked as the Executive Chef at Marion’s Restaurant and A Go-Go Catering in Manhattan. After that she cooked in some of the finest kitchens in New York City: Sol’s, Match, Tocquiville, Lola, Nikkta, Bambou, and The Butta’ Cup.


Cheryl's love of cooking and entertaining comes from  her mothers kitchen and from her desire to recreate the wonderful dishes prepared there. Cheryl started cooking, first for friends and family, then for her own small catering company.  


After convincing a restauranter to take a chance on her in a professional kitchen, she worked her way up through all the stations—salad, fish, meat, and dessert—mastered the tools of butchering, and then earned the rank of executive chef.


Everything Chef Cheryl needed to know about running an efficient, organized, and profitable kitchen was learned hands-on and working along side top chefs.



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